Lisa's Platform For Taylorsville

Housing and Growth

Today one in eight Utahns face a severe housing burden, meaning they spend more than fifty percent of their household income just to keep a roof over their family’s heads. That leaves our most vulnerable families just one household emergency from homelessness. We must do better. We must examine all possible solutions to meet our growing housing needs. We must insist that developers who want to be part of our growing economy invest in the success of our city. We should insist that housing developers who want to build here guarantee that a quarter of new units be designated as affordable, where a person making the median income for the city of Taylorsville can live without investing more than thirty percent of their monthly income on rent. Our city planners should work with developers to convert dilapidated and empty properties into affordable housing. We ought to support rent-to-own programs, and protect tenants from predatory renting practices. Land is a limited resource, and we must carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages that any new development will have on our infrastructure, from traffic to water use. We must expand intelligently with our focus on a sustainable future. An increased burden on infrastructure must be met with forward thinking solutions evolving from public input.


As residents we pay a lot of different taxes - gas tax, income tax, sales tax, an incredulous tax on food, and property tax if we own property. There is a growing trend to encourage growth by extending tax breaks to real estate developers and corporations. At the same time, residents are faced tax increases every year. This is antithetical to a sustainable model. Utah is experiencing a high rate of growth encouraged by our strong economy, low unemployment rate, and our environment. A business that operates within our city benefits from a dependable workforce and an infrastructure that was built by and is maintained by our tax dollars. Our city should collect a fair tax from corporate interests.

Public Transportation

Our current public transit model does not work for many residents. It is too expensive, buses are unreliable, and we need more express and east to west routes to connect people with centers of commerce. Taylorsville city officials must work with UTA to create an affordable, streamlined, and convenient public transit system. It is important that we build communities based around people, not parking lots. The BRT line that will connect the valley fair TRAX station with SLCC and Murray's IHC medical center is a bold step in the right direction and I support taking more such steps.

Air Quality

During times of inversion and during summer fire season the Salt Lake valley has some of the worst air quality in the world. Poor air quality shortens lives, increases hospitalizations for vulnerable people, and has negative health impacts on all of us. We must take steps to improve air quality by reducing the greenhouse gases and particulate matter emitted into our environment.

Investing in a strong, reliable, and affordable public transit system will help reduce the number of vehicles on the road, reducing carbon emissions. Transforming our energy infrastructure to take advantage of renewable energy and limit fossil fuel use must be a priority. There are more electric vehicles on our roads today and their number will continue to grow as prices decrease. The city should participate in programs to install more EV charging stations throughout the city to make emission free travel more convenient. I support The Community Renewable Energy Act, HB411. This bill allows municipalities across the state to partner with Rocky Mountain Power to obtain 100% renewable energy for their residents. Taylorsville should enter into a compact with Rocky Mountain Power to establish a renewable energy plan that meets the needs of our residents and helps to mitigate the effects of poor air quality. Entering into such an agreement will benefit Taylorsville residents directly and limiting our reliance on fossil fuels will result in better air quality. Expanding use of solar, wind and other renewable resources will create job opportunities within our local economy as we integrate the tools of a renewable energy infrastructure into our energy grid.

Criminal Justice

Taylorsville partners with United Police Department and should support adopting the use of body cameras for its police officers. Doing so not only protects residents from abuses of power, but provides another level of protection for police officers who have executed their duty properly.